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Nature-Culture-Health International (NaCuHeal Int.)

Founded in Oslo, Norway 12. November 2004.   Organisation number registered in Norway: 987 767 820



Nature-Culture-Health International is an association that has as its objectives to promote the public´s health and safety, sustainable environments, wellbeing, vitality and peace. NaCuHeal International will include participants interested in health promoting nature and culture activities that can strengthen people´s functional ability, coping and happiness. The association shall work to fulfil its objectives through interdisciplinary scientific, educational, practical and political initiatives on local, regional, national and international level.


As a member you will:

·         Benefit from fee reduction at our workshops, seminars and conferences

·         Have the right to participate in our planned section and network groups

·         Receive updated information by email and  through our websites

·         Have the right to be elected as a member of the board and vote at our annual meeting



Name: ___________________________________________________________________________________

 What is your special interest in the context of Nature-Culture-Health Inter

Address: _________________________________________________________________________________


Email: ___________________________________________________________________________________


Phone: ___________________________________________________________________________________


Fax: _____________________________________________________________________________________


play? ________________________




Membership fees  

Individual membership                                                   200 NOK

Individual members from developing countries         50 NOK

Students and senior citizens                                          100 NOK

Institutional membership                                                               500 NOK

A Sponsors                                                                        10.000 NOK or more

B Sponsors                                                                        5.000 NOK

C Sponsors                                                                        1.000 NOK


Please send your information to:   

NaCuHeal International

c/o Prof. Gunnar Tellnes

ASAM, HELSAM, University of Oslo, PO Box 1130 Blindern, NO-0318 Oslo, Norway                            

                                                               Fax: (+47) 22 85 05 90

Please make payments to: Acc. No:  1503 02 44513, DnBNOR, 0021 Oslo   

Swift/BIC code: DNBANOKK    (IBAN NO38 1503 02 44513)


Prof. Gunnar Tellnes, President                                    

Email: gunnar.tellnes(at)

SMS 0047-90971297    or

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