Curriculum Vitae

English short version,   2012                                                                                                                

Gunnar Tellnes  

Professor PhD ( MD MHA, Head of section

Section of  Social Medicine, Department of Community Medicine,

Institute of Health and Society, University of Oslo (UiO)

Address: PO Box 1130 Blindern, NO-0318 Oslo, Norway.

Phone: Int. + 47-22850550, Fax: 22850590,

Born: Bergen, Norway

Email: gunnar.tellnes (at)


1. Education

  • Graduated in Medicine, University of Bergen, 1977. Licensed as physician in 1979.
  • Epidemiology and biostatistics, Summer sessions at University of Minnesota, 1984 and 1985. 
  • Specialist in General Practice,1990.
  • Specialist in Community Medicine, 1991.
  • Doctoral Thesis: Sickness certification – an epidemiological study related to community medicine and general practice. Oslo: Department of Community Medicine, Univ. of Oslo, 1990.
  • Epidemiology and Occupational Health, Summer session at University of Michigan, 1992.
  • Master in Health Administration, University of Oslo, 2002.

2. Work experience

  • Public Health Officer and General Practitioner, Værøy and Røst, 1979-84.
  • Researcher, Dept. of General Practice, UiO, 1984-88.
  • Associate Prof. Dept. of Preventive Medicine, UiO, 1988-91.
  • Professor/Head of Section of Social Insurance Medicine, UiO (1991-) (Founder).
  • Deputy Dean, Faculty of Medicine, UiO, 1996-99.
  • Dean, Faculty of Medicine, UiO, 15.7-1.11.1998.
  • Coordinator for the Doctoral PhD-programme, Faculty of Medicine, UiO, 1997-99.
  • Head of section, Section of Occupational Health and Social Insurance Medicine, UiO, 2000-08. New name from Dec. 2008:
  • Head of section, Section of Social Medicine, 2008-11
  • Chief Medical Officer, National Insurance Administration 1985-98 (part time).
  • Chief Medical Officer in Social Insurance Medicine, Vestfold County and Sagene-Thorshov in Oslo, 2001-02 (part time).
  • Prof. II (Health Promotion and Prevention), Akershus University College, 2001-07.
  • Prof. II (Public Health), Hedmark University College, 2008-09.
  • Chief Medical Officer (Rådgivende overlege) NAV Buskerud, 2009-12 (deltid).

3. Research, supervision, member of doctoral committees, chair of doctoral disputations

Published  286  papers, books, chapters etc. related to social medicine, general practice, public health, community medicine, rehabilitation, health promotion and prevention. This include 16 books, thesis and scientific reports.

Supervisor for nine doctoral students (1991-2007), i.e. Bjørgulf Claussen, dr.philos. Leiv Sandvik, Søren Brage, dr.philos. Ellen Håland Haldorsen, Inger Sandanger, dr.philos. Øydis Ueland, Harald Reiso, dr.philos. Johan Lund,  PhD Kari Batt-Rawden, PhD Nina Østerås. Today: Tore Norendahl Braathen,UiO/AIR;  Lee Winde,UiB;  Lina Harvold Dalskau,UMB.

Member of the doctoral committees in Norway for: Aina Schiøtz, Liv Haugli, Eldri Steen, Elin Olaug Rosvold, Mamady Cham, Yngvild Emblem Bentdal in Norway. Faculty opponent & doctoral committees in Sweden for: Gunnel Hensing, Lars Englund, Margaretha Leijon, Per Nilsen, Christian Ståhl.

Chair (dean) at 14 doctoral disputations, University of Oslo, 1996-2008

4. Mentorship of dissertations, postdoc etc.:

Claussen B. Deprived of work and health? A two year follow-up of long term unemployed from Grenland, Norway, 1988-92. Oslo: Department of Community Medicine, University of Oslo and SIFF, 1994.

Brage S. Musculoskeletal health problems and sickness absence. An epidemiological study of concepts, determinants, and consequences. Oslo: Institute of general practice and community medicine, University of Oslo, 1998.

Haldorsen EMH. Return to work in low back pain patients. Bergen: Dept of Biological and Medical Pyschology, Faculty of Psycology, Univ. of Bergen, 1988.

Sandanger I. Occurrence of psychiatric disorders. An epidemiological study, conceptual, methodological, and empirical issue. Oslo: Institute of general practice and community medicine, University of Oslo, 1998.

Ueland Ø. Product-related Injuries in Norway – Occurrence, Risk factors and Safety measures. Oslo: IASAM, Universitetet i Oslo og Folkehelsa, 2001.

Reiso H. Work ability and sickness absence. A follow-up study in general practice. Oslo: IASAM, University of Oslo, 2004.

Lund J. Epidemiology, registration and prevention of accidental injuries. Oslo: IASAM, University of Oslo, 2004.

Batt-Rawden KB. Music and Health Promotion – The role and significance of music and musicking in everyday life for long term ill”. Degree of Doctor of Philosophy in Sociology. Exeter: University of Exeter, 2007.

Nina Østerås. Functional assessment. A study on functional ability in a population and structured assessment in general practice. University of Oslo, 2009.


Johan Lund, PhD, Med.fak.UiO: “Prevention of Occupational Injuries” (2007-09). The project is funded by Stiftelsen Helse og rehabilitering and Norsk folkehjelp.
 5. Leadership etc.
  •  Head of Section of  Social Medicine, University of Oslo 2000-11.
  • Member of the Presidium of International Academy of Science Health&Ecology (IAS-H&E ICSD), 2007-14.
  • President of the association Nature-Culture-Health International (Founder), 2004-11.
  • Member of Advicory Board of International Sport and Culture Association (ISCA)  (SANTE EU-Project) 2010-11. 

Previous (some selected items):

  • President of Norwegian Public Health Association (1998-2008), (Founder).
  • President of European Public Health Association, (2004-2005).
  • Vice-President of International Academy of Science – Health & Ecology, 2008-10.
  • Vice-President of EUPHA Section on Public Mental Health 2005-10.
  • Member Executive Council, European Public Health Association (EUPHA), 2002-06.
  • Member Govern Council in European Public Health Association (EUPHA), 1998-07.
  • Member of Council of Past Presidents in EUPHA, 2006-.
  • Member of Executive Committee of Scandinavian  Journal of Public Health, 1998-2007.
  • Chair of the Board of National Centre of Nature-Culture-Health (1994-99) (Founder).  and
  • Chair of the Council of the Nature-Culture-Health Foundation (NaKuHel) (2002-05).
  • Member of the Council, Inst. of Gen. Practice and Community Med. UiO, 2000-07.
  • Member of the Board of 400th Anniversary of Public Health in Norway (1998-04).
  • Member of European Institute of Social Security (EISS), (Nowegian Dept.) 1998-2006.
  • Member of the Award Committee of World Federation Public Health Assoc.2002-06.
  • Board Member at the Centre for Development and Environment (SUM), UiO 2001-04.

Leader of an interdisciplinary research project on long term sickness absence, 1988-92;

Evaluation of following up patients with long term sickness certification” done for the National Insurance Administration, Norway. Project report based on eight published papers:

Tellnes G et al. Rehabilitation of Patients with Long-term Sickness Certification (Tiltak for langtidssykmeldte) Oslo: Section of Social Insurance Medicine, UiO and National Insurance Administration (Rikstrygdeverket), 1992. (Eight papers with English summaries).



6. Teaching and other academic merits (some examples)

– Lectures and group teaching of medical students in social insurance medicine, preventive medicine, general practice and public health, University of Oslo, 1984-2008.

– Chair of the Council for Education in Community Medicine, Department of General Practice and Community Medicine, UiO (1994-96). Member 2002-04.

– Leader of the Commission of the Exam. in 10.semester, medical students, UiO (2002-04).

– Member of the Board of 10.semester, medical students (Oslo96), UiO (2002-04).

– Responsible for the teaching of Community Medicine, 10. semester), UiO (2002-05).

– President for EUPHA´s Annual Conference in Oslo 2004 (Main Theme: Urbanization and Health – New Challenges to Health Promotion and Prevention).

7. Awards, etc.

  • Norwegian Medical Depot´s “Award for Research in General Practice”, 1984 for the study of injury prevention and safe community building at Værøy in Lofoten.
  • University of Bergen: Award from Rector 1990 (Rektors gullmedalje).
  • Director of Agriculture in Hordaland County, Bergen, Norway. “The BU-Award of Idéas” (1995). for the idea of “The Nature-Culture-Health Interplay” applied in the field of agriculture.
  • The Faculty´s Award (Fakultetsmedaljen). Faculty of Medicine, Univ. of Oslo 1999.
  • World Academy of Productivity Science. Elected Fellow, 1999.